The Hi Mount


Imagine filling all your empty miles.

The auto carrier industry has been forced to maximize the "head haul" as conventional auto carriers can only haul vehicles... Until Now.

Imagine hauling a load of vehicles and not coming back empty. No more wasted fuel, no more empty miles, no more paying drivers to haul nothing. The CTM Convertible Trailer converts from a conventional auto hauler to a versatile flatbed in minutes. It is further complimented by our AutoBox: a flexible, stacking, interlocking, collapsible, inter-modal mini container designed to carry virtually any kind of freight. Together, they offer a complete transport solution that can reduce wastage in the auto transport industry around the globe.

With an approximately 40% empty mile factor in the automotive transport sector alone, there is plenty of opportunity for all auto industry stakeholders to take advantage of increased profitability, efficiency, and safety while complying with all Federal transportation regulations. The reduction in the carbon footprint is also a tremendous benefit due to the fact that it decreases the numbers of trucks on the road required to do the same job as before.

OUTBOUND: Full Auto Load

INBOUND: Full Mixed Load

U.S. Hi Mount Specifications

Length636" or 53ft
Width 102" Max (sidestep)
Capacity8-mixed load
Weight 23,950 lbs

Main Functions

  • Upper decks fold to step deck configuration to enable transportation of general freight.
  • Floating spring locks on twin tubes and lifting arms to prevent binding in the event that the hydraulic cylinders settle while maintaining deck position.
  • For future High Mount versions: Hydraulically actuated tandem pocket flippers can be raised to allow smooth loading and can be lowered to maximize freight capacity.

Convertible Trailer + AutoBox

A powerful combination


The AutoBox is a new, world-standard, dry, collapsible, stackable, trackable, intermodal mini-container designed to carry virtually any kind of freight.

Add any type of freight for your backhaul using our patented AutoBox!