Convertible Trailer + Autobox

A powerful combination


The auto carrier industry has been forced to maximize the "head haul" as conventional auto carriers can only haul vehicles... until now! With a 42% empty mile factor (2014 US ACC Figures) in this industry, there is plenty of opportunity for all auto industry stakeolders to take advantage of increased profitability and efficiency while complying with all Federal transportation regulations. The reduction in the carbon footprint is also a tremendous benefit due to the fact that it decreases the number of trucks on the road required to do the same job as before. The Convertible Auto Carrier system is clearly the modern solution in the auto industry today. Convertible Trailers can appeal to the dedicated auto carrier operator with the Stinger model or similarily to the company that operates a fleet of freight decks and would like to improve their efficiency by moving vehicles in their freight runs. The Convertible Trailer system is breaking down the barriers between freight and automotive logistics. This is a great solution for the Shipper, the Transportation Company and the CUSTOMER!